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Avian Allies at Intertech Plastics

20150802_133116_resizedHere at Intertech, we are committed to upholding quality solutions and products for clients and community members alike.
From management to production, all employees see the importance of providing help where it is needed in a sustainable way. This past Sunday, four fantastic faculty truly “walked the walk.” Shift coordinator, Darko Valle,
received a call from Jeffrey Tabares (a staff member here at Intertech) regarding fowl activity in our parking lot. Two local hawks that we normally appreciate from afar were found seriously injured.

20150802_133731_resizedDarko came to the rescue with not only the help of Jeffrey Tabares, but two other employees, Jeff Titus and Tim Funk, as well. The four were able to safely get the two birds to the Birds of Prey Foundation all the way out in Broomfield. Darko has taken injured raptors here
 before and he knew they could help. One hawk had an infected lesion on its claw, the other was dehydrated and had parasites in it’s throat from eating bad prey. If it wasn’t for the caring efforts of these four employees and the help of the Birds of Prey foundation, these two majestic creatures might not have made it; however, now they will be healed and rehabilitated in time to migrate south all the way to Argentina! On top of this rescue, Darko made a small donation on behalf of Intertech Plastics. Way to go above and beyond gentlemen, and safe travels to our new avian allies.

brids of prey

For more information on the Birds of Prey foundation, click on the icon above.



DPS Students Experience Advanced Manufacturing First Hand

10-2-14GirlWithVaccuumRobotStationIt’s January and that means it’s the start of the Spring semester and a whole new set of students will be exploring Intertech’s plant.  As many of you know, the growing skills gap in the advanced manufacturing sector is a looming threat on our business.  That’s why we partnered with Denver Public Schools (DPS) and their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.  The Job Shadow Program is part of a larger movement within Denver Public Schools to broaden STEM pathways in secondary education and to compliment this curriculum with work-based learning experiences.

Intertech Plastics hosts 9th and 10th grade students from different DPS schools for a job shadowing event 3 times per semester, this is the second semester of the program’s existence.  Students are provided with hands on activities promoting the STEM curriculums being taught in schools in an effort to generate more interest in advanced manufacturing and engineering in young people

10-2-14StudentsLearnOEEinKaizenRoomToday 15 students took a hands on tour of our facility.  They learned about the types of jobs and careers available in an advanced manufacturing facility.  From machine operators to tool makers, marketers to accountants, students spoke with employees and Intertech and experienced hands on what these jobs entail.

These future workers got to explore what it’s like to work in a graphic design lab, move robots to make trash cans and hampers, and solved equations to determine the efficiency of the plant.  The goal is to give kids the opportunity to determine what they want in their careers by exploring a variety of options in various job sectors.

Seeing the students engaged and excited about the work we do is more than gratifying enough, but it’s not philanthropy.  This is good business.  We need to change the perception about working in manufacturing.  We need to change the stigma that’s out there and teach people that there are great career oppor10-2-14DaveLDRstationtunities in manufacturing.  These are good paying jobs with a lot of potential for upward movement and that’s the message we need to promote.

There’s  a lot to be done in terms of workforce development but this is a great start and Intertech is proud to be a proactive part of building America’s workforce.

Photos from top: Evelyn Servin, a DPS student, works with a vacuum end-arm tool to learn how the robot lifts the parts out of the machine. Students solve word problems using the OEE equations to determine how efficient the plant is operating.  Intertech Process Tech Dave Shurman teaches DPS students how to calculate the Let Down Ratio before mixing resin and colorant for a lip balm case.



Partnering with the Emily Griffith Technology School

We’re partnering with the Emily Griffith Technology School to get the word out there that we have jobs but we need skills. Watch the video about Emily Griffith’s tech program here:

Molding a Better Community…

It’s been a couple months since the last blog post and Intertech Plastics has been busier than ever, and not just in the factory.  After Sec. Clinton’s visit in June, the Clinton Global Initiative- America (CGI) was in Denver for the first of two years.  At CGI, Noel Ginsburg- Chairman and CEO, was recognized on stage for Intertech Plastics’ involvement with the youth of Metro Denver and Aurora.  Additionally, Intertech Plastics has made a commitment to CGI in cooperation with the Small Business Majority to dispel the negative perception of manufacturing jobs and careers as well as raise awareness that there is mutual benefit for small to medium sized businesses to hire interns from inner city high schools.

Intertech Plastics for Habitat for Humanity 2014

From Left: Claire Hampton, Johnny Murphy, JD Padzik, Randy Zwingler. Photo Provided by Randy Zwingler

In addition to our CGI commitment, Intertech employees from all divisions helped Habitat for Humanity last week.  Volunteers went to a new neighborhood being built by Habitat for Humanity in the Montbello area. This isn’t the first time Intertech Plastics has supported Habitat for Humanity and it certainly won’t be the last.  Rewarding community involvement activities like this have long been engrained in Intertech’s culture but a new program will actually start tracking the hours and good we do.  Intertech Plastics employee Johnny Murphy was one of the volunteers at this year’s Habitat site and had this to say about the work they did, “It’s an awesome feeling to be able to help your neighbors… I’d be happy to do it again.”

“Intertech and its supporters have now donated over $155,000.00 to the United Way


Intertech Plastics Golf Tournament Benefiting Mile High United Way

From Left: President Scott Mitchell, Corey Ginsburg, CEO Noel Ginsburg, Ryan Gensler. Photo Taken by Kim Martel

On Monday, Aug 18th Intertech Plastics held its 13th Annual Golf Tournament benefitting the Mile High United Way Lights On After School Program at the Blackstone Country Club.  With record sponsors this year, Intertech and its supporters have now donated over $155,000.00 to the United Way program which helps schools stay open later for tutoring and after school programs.   Once again spearheaded by Kim Martel, the event was a huge success and a whole lot of fun.  Thank you to all participants and a special thanks to our sponsors for being such great supporters of our community: A+ Products, Mesa Industries, Katzke Paper, EKS&H.

Joann Castanon – Recent Intern at Intertech Plastics

Joann Castanon with Intertech Team at High Tech Early College Joann presenting about his internship with Intertech Plastics: From Left: Randy Zwingler (Senior Designer), Derek Baldwin (Web & Marketing), Trino Castanon (Joann’s Father), Joann Castanon (Intern), Darrel Lawrence (Human Resources)


Joann Castanon, a student at High Tech Early College, recently graduated from one of our internship programs. High Tech Early College is a unique school “centered on a process of applied rigorous learning and intense connections with industry professionals in Business, Information Technology and Design fields,” who Intertech Plastics is proud to partner with.

At Intertech Plastics we take pride in supporting our community and getting youth involved in manufacturing and business in general. Joann’s experience at Intertech was rewarding for both Joann and Intertech Plastics; He contributed in a lot of areas and received first-hand experience with Manufacturing, IT and Design. He also attended upper-level management meetings, all of which is invaluable to one who is in the midst of planning a future.

On behalf of the team at Intertech Plastics, “Thanks for joining us Joann, we hope to see you again!”