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It’s great to be a part of something

It’s always fun to see your name in print, be interviewed for a story, and looked to as a thought leader for something. That in itself can be very validating. I had the experience to relive that joy earlier this week in a news release from Plastics Today, if you missed it here’s the link:

But better than this, what’s really special is to be a part of something here at Intertech Plastics. We can talk all day about the numbers behind why programs are moving back to the U.S., and we can speculate about all of the risks with sourcing in China, all reasons that compel us to mold and manufacture here in the States. However it’s quite another thing to actually see it happening- being able to see the tools, touch the products, and speak to the people actually working on the programs, then walk through a store in the midst of all the made in China products and be able to say “hey see that part?, we made that. In Denver.” This “re-shoring” thing you keep reading about is real, and seeing is first-hand is really something to be proud of. -tim