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Joann Castanon – Recent Intern at Intertech Plastics

Joann Castanon with Intertech Team at High Tech Early College Joann presenting about his internship with Intertech Plastics: From Left: Randy Zwingler (Senior Designer), Derek Baldwin (Web & Marketing), Trino Castanon (Joann’s Father), Joann Castanon (Intern), Darrel Lawrence (Human Resources)


Joann Castanon, a student at High Tech Early College, recently graduated from one of our internship programs. High Tech Early College is a unique school “centered on a process of applied rigorous learning and intense connections with industry professionals in Business, Information Technology and Design fields,” who Intertech Plastics is proud to partner with.

At Intertech Plastics we take pride in supporting our community and getting youth involved in manufacturing and business in general. Joann’s experience at Intertech was rewarding for both Joann and Intertech Plastics; He contributed in a lot of areas and received first-hand experience with Manufacturing, IT and Design. He also attended upper-level management meetings, all of which is invaluable to one who is in the midst of planning a future.

On behalf of the team at Intertech Plastics, “Thanks for joining us Joann, we hope to see you again!”