Keeping up with Noel - Intertech Plastics

Keeping up with Noel

I’ve had an enjoyable time this year keeping up with Noel Ginsburg, and his endeavors not only at Intertech Plastics but within the local community.   On May 30th we attended another CAMA event together, this one called a “Business to Business Lounge.”  The event was in downtown Denver at the Colorado Business Bank, and like the last CAMA event business leaders engaged in a series of brief round table introductions, each explaining what they did, how they could help each other, and exchanging business cards.   I’ve actually got an appointment this afternoon at our plant from a contact I made there, a potential symbiotic relationship with another area injection molder and contract manufacturer, one that could work out well for both of us.  It’s a real treat to be a part of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, and to support a growing organization that is making a positive impact to our manufacturing sector and economy.  It’s also enjoyable to see Noel speak in public.


Additionally, Noel was featured in another publication last week, this time a one-on-one interview in Area Development.  The interview highlights some of the aspects of reshoring, and how OEM’s who are bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. are impacting our business.  Here is a link to the article

But even sweeter than the social events and media coverage is the reality of what’s happening in our plant every day.   We are manufacturing in the U.S., we are growing our business, and we’re creating jobs.   And that’s something our employees, customers, and community can be very proud of.