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Made in Colorado


It was a real treat yesterday to be a part of the April 16th Made In Colorado event, hosted by ColoradoBiz Magazine.  It was even sweeter to see Intertech Plastics be recognized as “top 25” award finalist for its outstanding contributions in our community, something we’re very proud of here.

But even better was the discussions I had with several other business leaders, and the shared excitement and enthusiasm for Colorado manufacturing.   The round table sessions that CAMA facilitated were very well received, and some great contacts were made by everyone present. It’s great to see we’re not alone in our endeavors to not only re-shore programs from Asia, but at the same time work to build sustainable jobs here in Colorado.   And to be a part of this is not only inspiring, but truly special.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me was seeing Denver Mayor Michael Hancock speak.  It was the first time I’d heard him, but must confess his presence at the podium is something I’d like to experience again and again.  His review of his JumpStart 2012 and JumpStart 2013 initiatives, his commitment towards DIA as a global commerce hub, and how this “aerotropolis” will lead to so much local development and growth for both current and future generations, was truly invigorating.

And the icing on the cake was being able to shake his hand afterwards, say thank you, and get a nice “keep up the good work” in return.   Well you bet I will, Mr. Mayor, and that’s a promise.  -tim