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Molding a Better World

People often ask me what our tagline “molding a better world” means.   Good question. The answer is it means something a little different to everyone, understanding first that not a grandiose claim of superiority, rather it’s much more personal than that.  There are three primary outlooks relative to molding a better world; passion for products, global trends, and personal development, and a part of each is true inside each employee at Intertech Plastics.

The first is the passion that our employees share with our customers, about the products they produce.   These injection molded products enhance lifestyles, they’re the products we buy and use, so to be a part of the production side is even more special.  It’s about adding value, and as we add value to our clients with custom molded, assembled, printed, and distributed products, we are also adding value to our own lives.

The second aspect of molding a better world is reflective of the current global economy, and the trend we’re seeing with products being “reshored” from Pacific Rim vendors.   Many US-based OEM’s are now realizing their products are better served by molding them in the United States, a reversal of the opinion from as recent as 10 years ago.  Faster response times, confidentiality of intellectual property, and competitive pricing are among the reasons we’re seeing more molded programs return to the US, and how our domestic manufacturing improvements are molding a better world.

The final thought of this relative to personal development, and the contributions that Intertech Plastics has made and continues to make, both in its employees and community.  Examples include the United Way, the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation, and School to Career Initiative, all ways Intertech Plastics has engaged with local communities to foster both economic and professional development.  Internally the commitment to employee development remains a very high priority, and the result is an engaged, committed, empowered staff excited to go to work.   There is a long list of individuals who all have one thing in common- their lives have been enriched because of Intertech Plastics.   And I’m happy to say I’m one of them.