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Molding a Better World

People often ask me what our tagline “molding a better world” means.   Good question. The answer is it means something a little different to everyone, understanding first that not a grandiose claim of superiority, rather it’s much more personal than that.  There are three primary outlooks relative to molding a better world; passion for products, global trends, and personal development, and a part of each is true inside each employee at Intertech Plastics.

The first is the passion that our employees share with our customers, about the products they produce.   These injection molded products enhance lifestyles, they’re the products we buy and use, so to be a part of the production side is even more special.  It’s about adding value, and as we add value to our clients with custom molded, assembled, printed, and distributed products, we are also adding value to our own lives.

The second aspect of molding a better world is reflective of the current global economy, and the trend we’re seeing with products being “reshored” from Pacific Rim vendors.   Many US-based OEM’s are now realizing their products are better served by molding them in the United States, a reversal of the opinion from as recent as 10 years ago.  Faster response times, confidentiality of intellectual property, and competitive pricing are among the reasons we’re seeing more molded programs return to the US, and how our domestic manufacturing improvements are molding a better world.

The final thought of this relative to personal development, and the contributions that Intertech Plastics has made and continues to make, both in its employees and community.  Examples include the United Way, the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation, and School to Career Initiative, all ways Intertech Plastics has engaged with local communities to foster both economic and professional development.  Internally the commitment to employee development remains a very high priority, and the result is an engaged, committed, empowered staff excited to go to work.   There is a long list of individuals who all have one thing in common- their lives have been enriched because of Intertech Plastics.   And I’m happy to say I’m one of them.


Made in Colorado


It was a real treat yesterday to be a part of the April 16th Made In Colorado event, hosted by ColoradoBiz Magazine.  It was even sweeter to see Intertech Plastics be recognized as “top 25” award finalist for its outstanding contributions in our community, something we’re very proud of here.

But even better was the discussions I had with several other business leaders, and the shared excitement and enthusiasm for Colorado manufacturing.   The round table sessions that CAMA facilitated were very well received, and some great contacts were made by everyone present. It’s great to see we’re not alone in our endeavors to not only re-shore programs from Asia, but at the same time work to build sustainable jobs here in Colorado.   And to be a part of this is not only inspiring, but truly special.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me was seeing Denver Mayor Michael Hancock speak.  It was the first time I’d heard him, but must confess his presence at the podium is something I’d like to experience again and again.  His review of his JumpStart 2012 and JumpStart 2013 initiatives, his commitment towards DIA as a global commerce hub, and how this “aerotropolis” will lead to so much local development and growth for both current and future generations, was truly invigorating.

And the icing on the cake was being able to shake his hand afterwards, say thank you, and get a nice “keep up the good work” in return.   Well you bet I will, Mr. Mayor, and that’s a promise.  -tim


It’s great to be a part of something

It’s always fun to see your name in print, be interviewed for a story, and looked to as a thought leader for something. That in itself can be very validating. I had the experience to relive that joy earlier this week in a news release from Plastics Today, if you missed it here’s the link:

But better than this, what’s really special is to be a part of something here at Intertech Plastics. We can talk all day about the numbers behind why programs are moving back to the U.S., and we can speculate about all of the risks with sourcing in China, all reasons that compel us to mold and manufacture here in the States. However it’s quite another thing to actually see it happening- being able to see the tools, touch the products, and speak to the people actually working on the programs, then walk through a store in the midst of all the made in China products and be able to say “hey see that part?, we made that. In Denver.” This “re-shoring” thing you keep reading about is real, and seeing is first-hand is really something to be proud of. -tim

2 Million Dollar Investment

Intertech Plastics Inc. completes a $2,000,000 investment to its manufacturing plant, further increasing capacity to meet customer demand, after growing over 75% in 2012.

 DENVER (February 22, 2013) – Intertech Plastics Inc. started 2013 off in a big way, after the  addition of 2 new Husky 1100 ton high-speed molding presses, related automation, and state of the art centralized chilling system.  These moves allow Intertech to support its clients’ needs for high quantity injection molded product production, warehousing, and distribution to the western United States, within a cost structure that keeps Intertech competitive in the global marketplace…

Intertech Automation

See our high speed, multi-cavity, fully automated presses in action as they transform raw materials into finished products.

Intertech Increases Workforce

DENVER – In a manufacturing plant in Denver, Noel Ginsburg has known for months what Wall Street learned on Wednesday: Job growth for small businesses is finally happening.

ADP Employer Services reported that 93,000 jobs were added in November by private companies. That represents the biggest jump in job growth in three years. It was news Ginsburg saw coming.

“It does not surprise me. We began to see the trend change about three or four months ago,” Ginsburg said. “I went home yesterday happy because our sales are up 67 percent at Intertech Plastics.

That jump in sales has translated into the creation of jobs.

“We have added in the last two months about 15 percent more in our workforce or about 15 additional jobs,” Ginsburg said.

He says the prospects are so good that they considering reinstating wage changes necessitated earlier by the recession.

Job creation in the private sector and especially by small businesses has been seen as critical to the economic recovery.

“This is movement, 93,000 jobs in November are significant because that is not seasonal hiring yet, so I think these are real jobs. This is a sign of real economic growth and the need for employment,” said Mac Clouse, professor of finance at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

Ginsberg believes the growth in manufacturing is not isolated. He says there is a six month waiting period on the purchase of manufacturing equipment, an indication that other manufacturers are ordering equipment to keep up with orders.

Clouse says growth in manufacturing can have a positive impact on other segments of the economy.

“That’s real critical because manufacturing in one sector leads to manufacturing in other sectors,” he said.

The economic forecast for 2011 is strong as well for Intertech Plastics.

“We’re projecting sales up 50 percent next year and some of that is due to sales efforts we’ve been doing over the last several years,” Ginsburg said. “We’ll be adding jobs into next year.”

For more info, click the link, below:

Intertech Expands Mfg Capacity

Denver, CO – December, 3, 2010 – Colorado based Intertech Plastics, a leader in custom injection and blow mold manufacturing, has recently acquired two additional high-ton machines to meet the growing needs of key customers. A new 900-ton All Electric Two Shot Cincinnati press and a 1,000-ton Hi-Electric Husky press are the latest additions to the 120,000 square foot facility, which already hosted 24 injection molding machines and one large-part blow molding machine. The equipment expansion is expected to generate an additional $7 million of revenue annually. Continued expansion is expected, with plans to also add two more 1,000-ton high speed presses in the near future.

The expansion is in response to the need for increased capacity required to continue to support Intertech customers. Due to the expansion and a growing demand for services, Intertech has also added 15% additional jobs and extended hours to a 24/7 operation. This growth trend is expected to continue into 2011.

The China Factor in Reverse!

Intertech Plastics has seen its business double in 2011 topping $20MM in sales. Even more exciting is the company’s anticipated sales of between $38MM and $40MM for 2012, representing two years in a row of 100% growth. Company President, Noel Ginsburg stated that “the company is seeing an influx of business from China, and doesn’t believe the trend will slow any time soon”. In addition to new business taken from overseas competitors, Intertech has acquired new accounts that require a Western US shipping/manufacturing point. “For a manufacturing company in Colorado to see this type of growth is refreshing” Mr. Ginsburg stated. The company has added over 25 employees during the last quarter of 2011. Additional employee hiring is anticipated in 2012.

To support the increase in business Intertech has will be investing over $2MM in new equipment, starting with a 1000 Ton Injection molding machine delivered the last week of 2011. A second, 1000 Ton Injection Molding machine will be delivered in March, with a third in the second half of the year. In addition to the new injection molding machines, Intertech is making investments in additional automation and other infrastructure improvements.

“We recognize that the customer comes first. Creating a customer centered model that utilizes highly trained project and quality engineers to assist with customer needs; including cost reduction, program management, program transfer, and continuous improvement.” states Keith Hamilton, Sales Manager and 12 year Intertech veteran. The customer centered relationship is not new to this 32 year old manufacturing company founded by Noel Ginsburg in May of 1980.

The company continues to leverage technology to enhance its customer’s experience. Customers have the ability to log in to Intertech’s customer portal and gain immediate access to their inventories, shipping history and invoicing. In addition, the company maintains quality data in the Intertech “cloud” allowing customers to access meeting notes and task lists in real time.

The core of Intertech’s values is community involvement. Ongoing involvement in the community includes weekly high school mentoring classes, a charity golf tournament (Raising over $100,000 for United Way over the last 10 years), and cash gifts to name a few. Over its 32 year history Intertech Plastics continues to be recognized for its many humanitarian initiatives by local and national groups.

It is not one continuous improvement objective, one community program, or one account that makes Intertech Plastics the right choice for molding in the Rocky Mountain Region. Rather it is the employees and their ability to meet each of the new challenges that faces our business in a changing global economy. “We are extremely fortunate to be on the leading edge of manufacturing growth in Colorado, providing opportunity to our existing employees and new jobs for our community as our business grows”, stated Noel Ginsburg.


The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) represents collaboration across industry, government and civic society (academia, nonprofits, associations, etc) to enhance the global competitiveness of advanced manufacturing, drive job growth across the state and make innovations into realities in Colorado. This 2012 video commemorates that event.