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Avian Allies at Intertech Plastics

20150802_133116_resizedHere at Intertech, we are committed to upholding quality solutions and products for clients and community members alike.
From management to production, all employees see the importance of providing help where it is needed in a sustainable way. This past Sunday, four fantastic faculty truly “walked the walk.” Shift coordinator, Darko Valle,
received a call from Jeffrey Tabares (a staff member here at Intertech) regarding fowl activity in our parking lot. Two local hawks that we normally appreciate from afar were found seriously injured.

20150802_133731_resizedDarko came to the rescue with not only the help of Jeffrey Tabares, but two other employees, Jeff Titus and Tim Funk, as well. The four were able to safely get the two birds to the Birds of Prey Foundation all the way out in Broomfield. Darko has taken injured raptors here
 before and he knew they could help. One hawk had an infected lesion on its claw, the other was dehydrated and had parasites in it’s throat from eating bad prey. If it wasn’t for the caring efforts of these four employees and the help of the Birds of Prey foundation, these two majestic creatures might not have made it; however, now they will be healed and rehabilitated in time to migrate south all the way to Argentina! On top of this rescue, Darko made a small donation on behalf of Intertech Plastics. Way to go above and beyond gentlemen, and safe travels to our new avian allies.

brids of prey

For more information on the Birds of Prey foundation, click on the icon above.