Project Management Your success managed real time

At Intertech Plastics, we utilize state-of-the-art time study and movement tools along with efficient line layout to provide you with predictable, repeatable results.  Our IQMS system provides real-time process monitoring, for our customers as well as our internal support staff.  Put simply, when you partner with Intertech Plastics, you always know what’s going on.

The right people

Our Customer Service Managers and Account Managers truly care about your success.  Their dedication to your success is unequalled, guided by their shared vision of molding a better world.

The right process

The experts at Intertech work with you to evaluate the optimum process for your molded and assembled program, evaluating both “at the press” and “secondary” operations ideal for your program’s size and complexity.

The team at Intertech team develops a line or machine operation layout which you review along with our engineering and facilities staff for potential improvements with machine automation, design changes, and product costing. Layout, staffing and costing proposals are clearly presented in your proposals. Once in production, we continue assess the actual time and throughput of your program, looking for new opportunities to reduce waste and lower your costs.

The right facility

Intertech‘s facility features 30,000 square feet of managed warehouse space for storage of raw material inventory and your finished goods. Our experienced fulfillment staff is capable of managing simple or complex shipments worldwide via small package carriers, LTL freight carriers or overseas freight forwarding.