Materials From Superior Materials come superior products

Intertech Plastics has the in-house expertise to help you select the right material for your product, taking into account the mechanical properties, cosmetic attributes, and price you need.  We source high quantities of consumer-grade commodity resins such as polypropylene and polyethylene, competing at the global level in price, delivery, and quality, and have the ability to unload bulk rail cars of higher quantity resins.  Our staff has solid relationships with leading resin compounders for more complex engineering-grade materials.  With your end goal in mind, we’ll leverage our materials expertise to your benefit.

The right material

A sample listing of in-house materials:

HDPE, LDPE (high and low-density polyethylene)
Glass-filled nylon
Glass-filled polypropylene
PC (polycarbonate)
TPE, TPU elastomeric materials

The right color

Bring your parts to life in true color, with custom color matching available in any quantity.  We utilize multiple color matching methods to insure your parts arrive in the color you specify, every time.  Our in-house metrology lab uses in-process spectrophotometer testing for reliable, traceable, in-process controls, with a full archive of controlled standards insuring reliable color consistency with each order.