Tooling Support Superior tools yield superior results

The right tool for the job…

Intertech Plastics excels in tool and die capabilities. Our tooling facility offers full service tooling support with special emphasis on quick turn projects, engineering changes, and complete builds.

Tool Design

You’ve designed a great product, but producing it consistently, in tolerance, with multiple cavities is another challenge altogether, and that’s where the expertise of the tooling engineers at Intertech can add significant value.  Intertech’s enhanced capabilities in part design utilize the latest release of SolidWorks and MasterCAM, combined with decades of mold design expertise.

You work on a project at the concept level with our design engineering group. By getting involved on project teams as partners with our customers from the outset, we assist customers in designing parts that are practical and economical, meeting your needs for quantity and pricing.  In some cases your solution is prototype tool using a MUD (master unit die) frame, while in others it’s a high cavitation stack mold, but it every case it’s the right tool for your program, and the tooling experts at Intertech Plastics are the ones to deliver.

Tool sourcing

Intertech offers tooling in a number of different classifications ranging from prototype to a class 101 hardened inserted mold.  Our tooling coordination program has you only as involved in the tool design and sourcing as you need to be, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on concept designs for future projects. The program is fully documented in great detail and is tracked on a weekly basis by our technical team. Additionally, for those projects that lend themselves to overseas tooling, Intertech has a strategic partnership with a far-east tooling source, giving you global competitiveness delivered here in the US.

Taking care of your assets

Intertech’s commitment to quality is reflected in its ability to address mold repair issues on a 24-hour call basis, and this mold repair policy is of paramount importance to our business, and your success. A preventative maintenance program complements the mold repair policy, decreasing downtime while increasing your tool life, which ultimately reduces your total cost.

Complete tooling documentation is available to customers upon request at any time. This includes all service records and/or pending repairs. Each tool has a complete history that includes the following:
• Tool-specific spare parts inventory
• P.M. schedule
• Electronic file (if available)
• Mold prints
• Total cycles and projected life
• Condition update at end of each run